CineCro Studio A

Studio A

8m height, 700sq meters

Studio B

8m height, 250sq meters

CINECRO Studio and rentals were founded in 2012. Since then, we have grown to be one of the biggest camera rental houses in Croatia, as well as a company specialized for studio rentals and high-speed and motion control services.

We offer over 900 square meters (9600+ square feet) of studio space, divided into 2 stages. The studios have production and support areas, including make-up and dressing rooms, storage areas and offices.

CineCro Studio

CINECRO STUDIOS are located in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, in the European union.
We’re 370 km from Vienna, 350 km from Budapest, 550 km from Munich and 630 km from Milan. We have an international airport with regular flights to all major European capitals and connecting flights to almost anywhere in the world. From London, Paris, Amsterdam, or Berlin there is 2 hours or less to Zagreb.

In the last 10 years Croatia has become a home for many international productions, ranging from big productions like Star Wars to smaller scale independent films like Mayday, Murina, to whole seasons of Game of Thrones and Hotel Portofino.

CINECRO is your reliable partner for all incentive, soft money, and financing solutions. We can help you to access a 25% (up to 30%) cash rebate. We can help you build reliable and cost-effective funding and financing structures and advise in all local tax, insurance, locations, crew, and legal matters.

Stage Area

over 1000sq meters of studio space

Chroma Key

green and blue chroma keys


green and white cycloramas

Precise Movement

in house motion control & high speed camera – Mark Roberts Bolt Jr+ & Phantom 4K

We have an in-house motion control Bolt Jr+ cinebot with 9 meters of track that’s available for hire in our studio facilities or on location in Croatia or neighbouring countries. With our high-speed Phantom VEO 4K camera and studio space, this can be the perfect setup for all of your high-speed and tabletop creations. Together with a list of tabletop specialists and stylists, we can provide complete tabletop services, from prep to final product.

CineCro Studio Bolt Jr+